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And are written for those with basic + advanced knowledge of PSP.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This tutorial was written by me on September 18th - 2013

For this tutorial you need:
  • Template #170 by Blisfully Beth HERE
  • Tube Gagita Bonita by Ismael Rac HERE
  • Scrapkit Perky Valentine by Inzpired Creationz HERE
  • Mask by Vix (414) HERE
  • Font TagsXtreme HERE 
Open your template
  • Remove the following
  • copyright layer
  • checkered lines
  • 3 stripes and the circles on top of it.

Select raster 1 (background layer)
  • Select all, Edit, paste paper 10 into selection, deselect.
  • Add your mask, merge group, duplicate layer, merge again.

Select white circle
  • Select all, float, invert, past paper 4 & hit delete.
  • Paste your closeup tube & hit delete.
  • Keep the original layer & put paper layer to opacity 75%
  • Set the tube layers property to Luminace (L)
  • Duplicate the tube, on the lowest layer of the tube: Adjust, blur, gaussian blur of 5.
  • Set the top tube layer's opacity to 75.

Select black circle frame.
  • Select all, float, invert, paste paper 8, hit delete, and delete original layer.

Repeat these steps on:
  • All black frames with paper 8.
  • On all those 4 paper layers with a different view/bodypart of your closeup tube.
  • Set 2 of these tube layers properties to soft light, and the other 2 to screen.
  • All 4 pink frames, you might want to move the paper a little before hitting delete. ( This way the frames wont flow into eachother. )

Select the Word art layer.
  • Hue/saturation/lightness: Hue: 3 -  Sat: 0 - Lightness: 43 - Colorized checked
  • Colorize: Hue 230 Sat: 255

  • Copy paste Sparkles 3 into your tag as top layer.
  • Copy paste Sparkles 4 into your tag as top layer.
  • Open Diamonds & Pears, resize copy paste on top of the upper left frame.
  • Open Heart 1, rezise 50%, rotate it a little to the right.
  • Copy paste with the left side below the X of SEX.
  • Open Star Charm 2, resize 75%. copy paste as a top layer on the right side of the pink circle (border).
  • Copy paste Perfume into your tag as a top layer on the right of your wordart.
  • Paste your tube on the right side of your tag.

  • Use the crop toll to select and crop the entire tag. (This way you delete the invisible paper layers outside the canvas)

  • Add a drop shadow to all elements (except the sparkles, the blurred tube layer & the mask.)
  • Use the settings: 1,1,50,5.

  • Add your name and copyright + license and your done :)


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