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Monday, November 3, 2014
This tutorial was written by me at 3 November - 2014. 

Tube by Mistychekaya: Freya
Freebie Add-On by Lilas Design: My Sweet Winter
Create a new 700x700 canvas.

Paste the white ball, resize 25%.

Select all, float, invert, paste your closeup tube.
Hit delete and deselect.

Duplicate both the tube and the ball, give the lowest layer of each a gaussian blur of 3.

On both white ball layers, go to effects, illumination effects, sunburst and use these settings:

Brightness 50
Horizontal & vertical 40
Density 25
Brightness 50
Brightness 100

Set the opacity of both tube layers to 50%.

Paste element 5, resize 15%, position at the bottom of the ball.
Paste element 2, resize 10%, position on the left side of the ball. Duplicate, mirror, flip and position next to the first pair of leaves.
Paste element 11, resize 10%, position the branches behind the leaves. Duplicate rotate 90 degrees left, and position behind the leaves.
Paste element 4, resize 5%, position on top of the branches and behind the leaves, duplicate and reposition and repeat, so you have 3 stars in different places behind the leaves.
Paste element 12, resize 12% position on top of the leaves.
Paste element 9, resize 10%, position the thread on the tree on the ribbon, so the tree hangs down.
Paste element 13, resize 10% position in middle(on top) of the leaves and ribbon.
Paste element 6, resize 15%. Move the layer behind the other elements, (on top of your tube layer) and position in the middle of the other elements.

Paste element 8 in the background of your tag, resize 45%.

You can now add a smaller sized tube as top layer or leave it as it is :) that's up to you.

Give all elements a dropshadow of 0-0-40-7.

Add your Christmas wish or your name, add your copyright to finish your tag.


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