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Tuesday, November 4, 2014
This tutorial was written by me at 3 November - 2014. 

 Tube by VeryMany: Dolores
Freebie Add-On by Lilas Design: Summer Colors

Create a new 700x700 canvas.

Paste element 9, resize 20%.

Use your magicwand to select the inside of the frame.
Expand the selection with 3px and invert the selection.

Open paper 1, resize 10%, paste into the selection and hit delete.
Paste your tube, hit delete again and deselect.
move the frame layer to the top.

Change the layermode of the tube layer to overlay.

Paste element 13, resize 15%, position in the top left corner of the frame.
Paste element 19, resize 15%, rotate 90 degrees left, position on top of the previous ribbon.
Paste element 21, resize 10%, mirror and position in the middle of the two ribbons.
Paste element 15, resize 20%, position at the bottom of the frame.
Paste element 1, resize 10%, duplicate and mirror. Position both at the bottom of the frame meeting in the middle.
Repeat the previous step with element 6.
Paste element 18, resize 10%, position in the middle of the brances.
Paste element 3, resize 5%, place on the right of the previous element.

Paste your tube behind the green branches on the right side.

Give all elements a dropshadow of 0-0-40-7.
Crop your tag, add your name & copyright to finish your tag.


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