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Tuesday, February 18, 2014
This tutorial was written by me on February 18  - 2014


Template 3 of my valentine's collab with Hope: Here
Kit Freaky Fab by Michelle's Myths Here & at PFD Here
The tube is by Lady Mishka, you need a license to use her artwork, she sells at PFD  Here
The font I used is Vladimir Script

Open Valentine's template 3 and remove the copyright layer & Layer 15 (tiny hearts).

Select layer 7 - Select all, float, defloat, invert, copypast paper 5, hit delete, and delete the original layer.

Repeat on the following layers:

Layer 8 -> Paper 4
Layer 9 -> Paper 3
Layer 10 -> Paper 10
Layer 14 -> Paper 1
Layer 11 -> Paper 1
Layer 4 -> Paper 8

Layer 12 - > Paper 12 - Keep selected. Past your tube in the left or right square, hit delete.

Duplicate the tube layer, mirror and merge together.
Duplicate the tube layer. Move one on top of the 2 hearts(layer13)
Select the hearts layer 13, select all, float, defloat, invert, select the tube on top of the hearts and press delete.
On this tube layer > Adjust - Hue & Saturation > HSL > Hue: 0 - Sat: -100 - Lightness: 0 
Delete the original hearts layer 13.

Open Frame 4 - paste into your tag as bottom layer.
Open Charm 1 - resize 75% - paste into your tag as top layer on the right frame.
Open Gem 1 - resize 50% - paste into your tag as toplayer in the middle of the ribbon of the previous element.
Duplicate element and paste in the left bottom corner of the left frame.
Open heart 5 - rotate 45degrees left, resize 50%, paste in the left upper corner of the left frame.
Open Feather 2 - paste into your tag as toplayer on the left side of the right frame, duplicate & Mirror.
Add your full tube and center in your tag as top layer.

Give all elements the dropshadow you prefer, add your copyright and name, and you're done.


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