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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This tutorial was written by me at September 8 2014. 
Tube by Alex Prihodko: Roxi
A Template by Melissa: Here
Scrapkit By AmyMarie: Heart Girl
Wordart by Gothic Inspirations: Here

Open template 2, delete the copyright layer and the 3 diagonal stripes.
And hide the background layer.

Select the dark grey oval in the background.
Select all, float, defloat, invert, paste paper 10, hit delete and delete the original layer.

Repeat on the border of the oval with paper 6.
Repeat on the 2 black rectangles with paper 5.
Repeat on the 2 circles with paper 9.
Repeat on the 6 horizontal stripes with paper 20.
Repeat on the 2 squares with paper 3, (also paste your close up tube in the squares)
Repeat on the border of these squares with paper 6.

Duplicate your 2 tube layers
Change the layermode of the top tube layers to Screen.

Paste element 77 in your tag, keep it centered.

Paste element 79 in your tag, keep it centered.

Paste element 49 in the right corner of your tag, duplicate, mirror and flip.

Paste element 48, resize 50%, position on the corner of the right frame.
Duplicate, mirror and place on the left frame.

Paste element 5, resize 75%, position in the lower corner of the left frame.

Paste element 35, resize 50%, position in the bottom right corner of your tag.

Select the layer of the lowest 3 pink stripes, paste element 53, leave it centered.

Paste element 27, on top of the previous, resize 75%, position above the frame on the right.
Duplicate, mirror and flip.

Paste your wordart, rotate it 25 degrees right, resize 75%. Position in the right upper corner in your tag.

Give all elements a dropshadow of 1-1-50-5.

Add your name AND your copyright to finish your tag.


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